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Pharmaceutical Capsules

We are a leading supplier of medically approved Pharmaceutical Capsules that can be used for the treatment of various types of diseases to maintain your body in a healthy state. These orally consumed drugs are made up of a water-soluble gelatin shell inside which the powdered medicine is filled.

Pharmaceutical Tablets

Pharmaceutical Tablets are hard and compact oral dosages that are formulated by compacting the powdered medical ingredients in proportionate amounts. These medications are safe to use and fast in action to provide faster relief.

Anti Cancer Medicines

We are one of the leading suppliers and traders of Anti Cancer Medicines that helps in the curing of mild to chronic cancers and their after-effects. These medications are available in capsule and tablet forms that can be orally consumed with or without food or water.

Antidiabetic Hypoglycemics Medicine

Antidiabetic Hypoglycemics Medicine offered by our company are formulated by using fast-acting pharmaceutical ingredients that make them capable to lower down high sugar levels in the blood for the efficient functioning human body.

Anti Infective Drugs & Medicines

Prastu Enterprises is a New Delhi, India-based business that deals in the supplying and trading of highly effective Anti Infective Drugs & Medicines that are manufactured as per medical and pharmaceutical standards that make them capable to fight mild to chronic diseases to improve body health.

Kidney Medicines

We are offering medically approved Kidney Medicines such as Mycofit 500, Prednisolone, Azoran, Isonizidthat are available in tablet forms. Buyers can get these drugs from us in bulk with a supply ability of 10000 boxes per day.

    Epilepsy Medicines

Epilepsy Medicines are highly beneficial for the treatment of health conditions after surgical operations and neuropathic pain. Take these drugs as per the doctors prescribed methods as they may cause side effects in case of overdose.

    Anti Viral And Antineoplastic Agent

We are one of the leading suppliers of Anti ViralAnd Antineoplastic Agent that are commonly used in the formulation and treatment of various types of viral infections. They are liquid injectable and tablet forms that make them highly effective and fast in action.

    HIV AIDS Medicines

The offered HIV AIDS Medicines offered by us are formulated by using fast-acting medically approved pharmaceutical ingredients for faster relief. These drugs only help to prevent the spreading of the virus that helps your body to be in a healthy state.

    Digestive System Drugs & Medicines

Buy from our wide range of Digestive System Drugs & Medicines that help to keep your digestive system in its optimal state by adjusting the production of acids and other chemicals for efficient working which results in good digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Antibiotic Medicines

Antibiotic Medicines belong to the class of anti-bacterial medications that helps in the treatment of various diseases caused by bacteria. These medications function by reducing the growth rate and killing bacteria within the body.

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